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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Nusound has been involved in Music Production for the last three decades. Working on Music for various artists or composing soundtracks for Trailer houses or music for social media. Although we have experience, we are always looking to learn more and give our clients what we know they deserve.  We are so glad that you landed on this site as it enables us to grow together and build a thriving community for the future.

Our Story

At Nusound we believe in using our God given talents to serve vision. We know that for creatives everything needs to be just right. So, we aim to make sure we have the right music for your project. We work with Professional musicians and composers to produce not only top quality music but quality service. Having decades of composing and music production experience we hope that your stay with us will be a fulfilling one. As we work together to bring your vision alive.

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The benefits of a subscription versus a single payment

Get each track for £1 if you are just looking for one off tracks for your project. However, if you are a content creator, and you are going to be using a lot of music for your projects, meaning constant downloads, then use the Subscription.


It’s currently at a very low price. In the coming months it will go up to more competitive rates but if you sign up now that won’t affect your current rate.


Another alternative is to use our custom service. This means that your track becomes exclusive to you. No one else can use it. Prices start at £100. Please contact us.


Hours of time have gone into creating these tracks. The price attached to them in this offer is in no way representative of the quality that you are receiving. They have been composed by high quality, professional musicians who have been honing their craft for decades.


So whatever you’re looking for we hope you can find on our site. If it isn’t there let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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